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The Niche


by P. Conant

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I would not describe myself as a poet, rather one who enjoys writing - be it for the newspaper columns I write, my other websites, short stories, book projects or an attack of prose.  This is my  niche,  for friends and special people to visit, to suffer my musings or to enjoy.  I hope the later.

Poetry is a deeply personal area of expression.   One of the magical characteristics of poetry is that a poem will have a different meaning for each reader. 

Poetry speaks to the mind, the conscience and sub-conscience that collects/reacts according to life experiences, and lastly - has the power to move the coldest heart, and the most steeled soul. 

It comes from the soul and can connect to it...no matter where or who you are.  It can make you laugh, cry, reflect, smile...

The poetry here is a selection I can share comfortably . . . being posted here not necessarily deems them as  'my best'.  Some of those are too personal to be let out of my private chapbook.




  updated 14 November, 2005

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