A Silken Tent

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A secret corner of my mind, lying dormant with only brief sensuous expression in a story or two...


(A growing collection of erotic poetry and poetic prose most of which had written itself with very little effort or editing.)


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Themes and such...

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Orchid Dreams

Lingual Pleasures

Tissue Issue



Sacred Fruit


Pressing Matters


Short Essay:

Edible Erotic Temptations

Not erotic, but a romantic prelude...

A Silken Tent


To you I wouldst lift mine veil....

and await you within

my refugium tent of silk,

with but little resistance,

with but much trust

though hesitance betrays

a shyness of own will...

which in your presence

would be gusted away

like wind on dust.



If I were to choose a flower for romance it would be the rose, if for erotica then it would be the orchid - that highly sensuous flower invites erotic thoughts the moment one admires it - for in its center is the floral symbol of the vulva - et al.  I love orchids.



Orchid Dreams

My orchid dews
with musky cream
for thoughts of you
and distant dreams

Its center swells
with heat engorged,
its need unquelled
awaiting more

Petaled lips, those
lingually teased -
passionate moans
in ecstasy seized.



Lingual Pleasures


I would feed you mussels, one by one

and invite you to lap at their

heady, vulvian likeness

- kiss their juices from your chin

Then later, serve you figs, 
teased open with the tongue...

we'd scoop and suckle

at velvet secrets within


 Later a bit of Belgien chocolate 
first warmed upon my tongue, 
shared with yours and melted more, 
hints at pleasures to come.


Ah, but the coupe de finesse

I would offer you last, my own...

 a honeyed dessert, warm and sweet

that needs but the final kiss


- the cream, 

whipped by ecstasy yours.

...rambling thoughts of

Tissue Issue


How I envy the sheets or tissue that catch what should be mine and wish that pearly issue could anoint and cause me sighs.   Long  awake at night, I imagine the liquid heat, that fires my deepest inner goddess' Seat.  Again I feel that longing to be made your woman and ache for that sacred moment...and pearly tissue issue that makes me sigh.







Oh, if it be of fig, your dress
under it I would coyly peek..
and of the delights I there would seek,
would be your jewels, no less!


I have a secret treasure box
to hid your jewels within,

there a fit divinely fine,

with dark rose velvet lined ...

You, my love will find no locks,
there the scent reminds of heaven,
musky, dark and sweetly welling..
It is much like I, softly willing.



An answer to 'fierce carnal thoughts', (sic) …allow me a fierce carnal vision expressed in poetic prose:


How I so desire to entwine

my legs around you,
just as our souls entwine

and spiral like thousands of
twinkling diamond stars.

How I ache to feel you deep within me,

one with me and my heart, our bodies

finally merged as are our souls
and intoxicate on the blend

of our essences creating
a unique perfume.  Heady and sweet.

Oh, to feel your weight upon me,

I, deliciously impaled immobile - 

to feel the force of loving thrusts

each urgency climbing higher.

To visualize it, is almost ecstasy -

the moment of ultimate trust

between such souls as you and I.

How I long for that sacred moment

when with throbbing pulses ours,

I hold my breath to savour your

gift of the purest of you, your essence. 


The ultimate blissful pleasure!

I would hold you captive

with my most intimate muscles
until every pearl of 'you' was mine,

greedily treasured, precious jewel.

I would kiss away your tears of joy,

as my own wash my eyes with

the same intense happiness...
of being one with you.


Written in a style inspired by the villanelle and pantoum.

Not of cabbages and kings, but of figs and mussels and other such edible, lingual delights...



Sacred Fruit


Take, my beloved, this fig –

fruit of my delights

Gently divide it open,

marvel at ruby secrets inside


Fruit of my delights

reveals the Seat of Gaia

Marvel at ruby secrets inside -

the honeyed bliss of sustenance


Revealed Seat of Gaia!

Press your lips upon

the honeyed bliss of sustenance -

seductive velvet succulence


Press your lips upon

and suckle on its sweetness,

seductive velvet succulence

that entices for more


Suckle on its sweetness,

and I will sip its golden drops

that entice for more

from your nectared lips


Gently divide it open,

and taste, my beloved, this fig –






How I long to bathe

in the essence of you.


How I yearn, my love, to feel

your weight upon me, crushed

under the blanket of your body…

and so deliciously surrendered.


The gates of my secret garden

no longer closed, forlorn,

open only for you, holder of the key.


Enter gently, ignore my pleas

as my legs embrace your hips…

then fill me with all of you


Hold me in your arms

as we soar ever higher

to realms of ecstasy unknown


beyond the connubial bliss

of earthly desires fired,

still, fill me with all of you.


How I long to bathe

in your sacred essence

and deliciously surrender.

Only you, my holder of the key

to realms of ecstasy unknown.  



Pressing Matters



With distance assuring deport…




My reserve is deliciously distracted

with noble intentions, but lately

by far more ‘pressing matters’…


such as slow preoccupation

with the buttons of your shirt.

How I would tease you with it


before moving on to the next...

but not before remembering

to pay attention to

that bottom lip I am so

curious about , its taste,

gently nibbled between my careful teeth…


and then there is the matter

of your chin, is it dimpled?  Is it cleaved

ever so slightly, barely perceivable?

Or is it smooth?


Trailing with kisses to under there

slowly down your neck,

I would ask wordless forgiveness

at the recess of your throat,

tonguing an insincere apology for the

discomfort I hope I am causing you.


Still, the most difficult part

would be overcoming a simple thing -

the sound of your zipper.  


I am afraid my anticipation

would numb me, you will have to

help me there.


But please my dearest slowly,

and ever so, make me suffer

your sweet revenge in this way too.